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The Results are finally Out

The finals of the Koroga premier challenge were  held at the Mystique Gardens on the 5th of October 2012, a culmination of almost 4 weeks of pure sweat and excitement. The contestants put everything on the table but in the end only one team had to take the cup home. In a final challenge that saw four teams compete side by side for the trophy, Aleem’s Avengers were crowned the Koroga Premier challenge winners, with Mama Mbogas bagging the title of runners up. The Avengers went home with the ultimate prize award of 100,000Kshs among other fabulous prizes from the sponsors. The judges admitted that the whole experience was quite a rollercoster  but were happy to finally settle on a winner. The other contestants, that’s Jasmines Koroga knight riders and Allaudin’s Rangeele Rasoiye were also congratulated by a few hampers for putting in extra effort in the challenge. All in all, it was an exciting and fun challenge and we hope that next edition will be equally better.

Below are some pictures of the event. Congratulations to Aleem and his team!

Koroga Semi-Finals at Smokies

The Semi-final edition of the Koroga Premier Challenge was held at Smokies in Westlands on Friday 28th Sep. All 8 teams in participation were geared up for the 2hour-long culinary challenge. These were teams that were picked after beating other participants from the previous stages. The judges had a hard task deciding who would go to the next round but alas, four teams were chosen. These are:

Jasmine’s Koroga Knight Riders

Kunjan’s Mama Mbogas

Allaudin’s Rangeele Rasoiye

Aleem’s Avengers

We congratulate them and look forward to the finals this week at Mystique Gardens once again. Here are some of the pictures showing what went down on the exciting and eventful night.

First Semi’s at Mystique Gardens

The first semi finals of the Koroga Premier League 2012 were held at the Mystic Gardens on Friday 21st Sep. The teams who had made it to this round came in full gear and ready to battle it out for the top position. The energy was high and the contestants were all equipped with their ingredients and secret recipes hoping to wow the judges with their creativity. The judges, comprising of Anil Lalla of Open House restaurant as well as Jitesh of Taste of China,were pretty optimistic that the contentasts would bring in their best. ”This week is definitely different from the last, there is space, the contestants can move around without bumping into each other and i can definitely agree there is better organization,” said Jitesh after a question about his experience so far. Anil on the other hand was encouraged to see more women compete in the Koroga challenge as mostly men were the ones that previously dominated the event. To lighten the mood, friends and family of the contestants tagged along to cheer their favorite teams on and keep them entertained as they got busy in the kitchen. East FM threw in some tunes as Ruhila Adatia kept the listeners up to speed on what was happening on the ground.

After a gruelling 2hours, the participating teams were done with their dishes and the judges were left to decide who would move on to the next round.The teams through to the next round are:

Rajesh’s Curry Donors

Jasmine’s Koroga Knight Riders

Kunjan’s Mama Mbogas

Kamal Kaur’s Rowdy Roosters

Congratulations to them all! Here are some photos of the teams that took part in the Challenge.


Preliminaries at Smokies on Friday 14th September

The 2012 Koroga Challenge this year is sponsored by Pearl Rice and took place  Sep 14th at Smokies. As the teams tried all their best to battle it out, there were some that tried even harder.

Here is the list of Teams that got through to the semis: Sadia’s Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Allaudin’s Rangeele Rasoiye, Raabia’s Rangers and Aleem’s Avengers. Congratulations to them and lets see who will emerge the winner in the next round.

Below are some of the pics of the teams that took part in the action












What Happened in last year’s Koroga Challenge

‘Koroga’ is a very Kenyan term for having a cook-out. Keeping this same concept in mind, East FM came up with an idea called the Koroga Premier League (KPL). The idea had a juicy twist to it – the presenters at East FM were all to be known as team owners and they were to get together a team of six people minimum and 10 maximum for the ultimate koroga challenge. The prize? No small change, the first prize was a whopping Sh100,000 for the winning team.

The first weekend seven teams took part and three were eliminated and the following the same happened. There were fourteen teams in all and we also had listeners’ teams who participated in the challenge. Rules were given, as were ingredients for the korogas. Within the time limit of two hours you could cook up whatever storm you wished to with your team members and present it to the judges.Each team met, strategised, planned and vowed to cook better than anyone else.

The following weekends got madder and more fun and outrageous. The teams who made it to the finals should be nominated for some sort of nobel prize. The seriousness in which they put together their plan of action was amazing. The creativity they all came up with had onlookers nodding in awed approval.In the end it was Seema Sarkar’s team that won the ultimate prize with Parveen Adam coming in a close runner up.Those eliminated automatically went on to support and cheer the others.