The African & Asian Mixed Heritage

There are words in common use today in Swahili that originate from Sanskrit but people are unaware of this ancient Indian-African connection. Words such as Duniya, Safari, Pesa, Dawa, Kalamu and more are derived from Indian words Dunya, Safar, Paise, Dava and Kalam. There are also common foods such as Samosas and Chapatis that many East Africans do not know originate from combining the foods and spices from Indian culture with African culture. Interestingly the Swahili word of Bantu origin - KOROGA has been adopted by East African Indians for an emerging popular cuisine which is a blend of both cultures and customs really. These KOROGAS happen every day in Nairobi, across the region and even abroad. They usually take 3-4 hrs and involve a group of (usually) male friends making (usually) a road runner (kienyeji) chicken in a sufuria with a lot of spices, eaten late with a lot of beer and whisky going down as it cooks.

Koroga TV Show Format

Each show will take place in a established Koroga Venue in Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa, Kisumu (& later in wider East Africa). While cooking is in the background we talk about a major national or regional issue. An experienced Host will prepare facts, questions, case studies, quotes and more. When the food is ready we will eat together. Recipes and method will be shared on our website.

Koroga Menu

> Butter Chicken > Pepper Chicken > Mutton Curry > Chicken Funika > Kadai Fish > Goat Nihari Style > Vegetarian & Paneer > Chilli Chicken > Beef Curry > Jeera Chicken > Chilli Garlic Fish > Kheema Special > Mari Methi Chicken